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Measuring Division
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Measuring Division
Temperature logger
Brand  : T&D
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Temperature data logger TR-81


The TR-81 is designed for use with three wired platinum resistive sensors.
PT-100 sensor measurement range can be measured by attaching -200*C and 600*C and two sensors in between.
Also, we can adjust the length of the protective pipe of the sensor, the protective pipe diameter and the cable length according to your needs.

Key features

-Can measure and record from -200 to 600*C.
-1 unit has 2 measurement and recording channels.
-Recording interval 15
-Large logging capacity
-5-8 months continuous recording on 1 battery
-Stable backup function
-Easy to read multifunction display

Application example

-Melting temperature while preparing food with cooking pots and pans
-Temperature management of cryogenic freezers
-Temperature management for blood tranportation
-Compost temperature management
-Boiler pipe temperature recording


 Measuring channel 2 Channel
 Measuring range -200 ~600*C
 accuracy (80*C -200)0.3*C   +/-0.5*C   (80*450C)/1.0*C   +/-(80*~600C)
 solution 0.1*C
 Adaptable sensor 3전선 PT100
 Current measurement 1mA
 Recording inverval 1,2,5,10,15,20,30 sec / 1,2,5,10,15,20,30,60min
 Capacity logging 8,000 Data sets (It consists of measurements for all channels in one type of dataset device.)
 Record method Endless way (overwrite oldest data when capacity is full)

 One hour method (Stop recording when capacity is full.)

 LCD display Current temperature, recording indicator, battery life warning, amount of data, unit of temperature, communication indicator, sensor type, recording method

 Lithium battery (CR-2) x1
 Battery life About 5-8 months (Battery life varies depending on the measurement environment and battery performance. Battery can be changed during recording.)
 Data backup The low battery power/OFF switch is activated in the following cases.
 interface Serial communication (RS-232C)
 Communication speed (50 seconds when data is full) Download at 9,600 bps
 Coming Demensions Excluding protrusions H123mm X W58mm X D33mm
 weight Approx. 132g (including 1 lithium battery)
 Temperature and humidity durability Temperature: -10~60*C

 Humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)



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