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Voltage logger
Brand  : T&D
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Voltage Recorder VR-71

Introduction of item

The voltage data logger'VR-71' is a data logger that measures and records voltage signals.
The measurement range can be measured from DC+/-15V to 1~5V, 4~20mA, etc., and output signals from various sensors.

The main feature is the arbitrary unit display function, and the voltage signal can be converted and displayed in arbitrary units.

The product comes with a data logger, sensor cable, software, etc., and can be used immediately after purchase by contacting a computer.

Key features

-Measure and record 2 channels in 1 unit
-20 recording intervals, sampling at 0.22 seconds at the shortest
-Data capacity: 8000*2 channels and large capacity
-Arbitrary unit display function
  In addition to displaying the measured voltage on the main body liquid crystal, arbitrary units can be displayed by the scale set by the        software.

*Scale conversion
The scale conversion is specified by a value for 2 points of contact pressure or a conversion formula of y=Ax+B.
(y is the data after conversion, x is the input voltage from the sensor.)
*Unit display
The unit display of the main unit can be edited in dot matrix by software.

-Auto range +/- input
-Easy and diverse LCD display function
-Equipped with reliable data backup function
*Backup function eliminates data loss when battery drop switch oFF
*When battery voltage drops
When the battery voltage drops, it also informs the battery that the battery life warning is displayed on the LCD.
In this state, if you change the battery in a short time, measurement and recording will continue. In addition, when the battery voltage drops, the sleep mode and measurement recording are automatically stopped and the recorded data is protected for about 1 year.

-Long run design for up to about 9 months of continuous operation on the battery
-High performance, small size and light weight

 Number of channels 2
 item Voltage

 Range: +/-1,2,6,15V   Auto range: Fixed range
 Measurement error +/-0.5%, +/-5 dgt
 Screen resolution Min 1mV
 Record history 20 Select: 00.2 seconds ㅡ 60 minutes (default: 10 seconds)
 Recording capacity 8,000 data sets
 Record mode Endless/ One-time (Dfault: One-time)
 LCE screen items  Measurement Reading/ Recording Status/ Time / Memory Capacity 
 Power source Battery life warning / unit of measure / 2 AAA alkaline batteries LR03
 Battery life About 5-9 months
 interface Serial communication (RS-232C)
 size H55mm x W88mm x D24mm
 Weight About 93g (including 2 batteries)
 Temperature and Humidity

Durability of the Unit
 Temp: 0-50*C

 Humidity: 90% RH or less (no condensation)
Waterproof  None 
 Attached sensor/cable 2 Input cable (VR-7101)
 Etc Current measurement possible. However, you must purchase the current input cable separately.
 OS support Microsoft Windows 7 32/64 bit English

 Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit English

 Microsoft Windows XP 32bit (SP2 or above) English

 Microsoft Windows 2000 English

 Microsoft Windows 98SE English
 (*1) One data set consists of reading for all channels in that type of unit.

 (*2) At recording interval of 1 sec: above 5 months / at recording interval of more than 2 sec: 9 months / at a recording interval of 0.02 sec: about 13 days.


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