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Measuring Division
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Measuring Division
Resistance Tester
Brand  : TONGHUI
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Multi-test function
-4-terminal test, test can not be affected by the impedance of the test leads.
-Test the contact of the test leads in the test by contact inspection
-Deviation deduction and reference work eliminates bass influence on test results

Battery tester features
-Basic impedance accuracy: 0.1%
-Basic voltage accuracy:0.1%
-Minimum impedance resolution:1uΩ
-Minimum voltage resolution:100uV
-Max test speed:50times/s
-1kHz AC Constant current source test

R, V, L, Z, 0 test
24-bit color 4.3-inch LCD display
LCD resolution 480*272
Display ㅿ% directly
V, I signal level monitor function test
Graphics scanning and analysis
10 빈 comparison, upper limit, lower limit, pass and alarm functions
Statistical information functions such as Cpk, Cp. etc
It is possible to store the information on the screen on the Udisk.
Automatic update via USB HOST
100 file groups for saving and loading
Operating language can be selected from Chinese-English
Foot switch trigger function
HANDLER interface
Communication with RS232, USB HOST, USB Device, GPIB(option), PC and remote control.

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