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Measuring Division
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Measuring Division
LCR Meter
Brand  : TONGHUI
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Dedicated LCD display
10 common 50 Hz~ 100KHz measurement frequencies
±2VDC built-in bias voltage source, -5VDC ~ +5VDC
Expandable to bias voltage or maximum bias current of 50mA(TH2817C only)
2 selectable source impedances:300/1000, Easily compatible with other LCR meters
Transformer parameters can be measured (TH2817C only)
Measurement speed up to 20 times/second
Built-in 5 cell comparator
Key lock function
Automatic LCZ function
save 10 sets of parameters
Automatically recall stored parameters
HANDLER and RS232C interface
GPIB (IEEE-488) option interface

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Product Details
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