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Measuring Division
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Measuring Division
QC-536 M1 1tonf
Origin  : 대만
Manufacturer  : Cometech
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Mechanical testing equipment is design two column, it has better stable, rigidity and displacement of precision when machine is moving. The load testing machine can be required to add long stroke which elongation can be higher 800% of material and finish test successfully.

This plastic testing machine is using special testing software which can do tensile test, compression test, bending test and peeling test. The software with multi-languages is very easy to operation. Material testing equipments also has all kind of metric units, real-time graphs and also provides complete analysis test data which finish test can do variety of material analysis.

A wide range of accessories such as grips, fixtures, chambers and high travel extensometers are available to match most applications and test samples.

Standard: ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4, ASTM D-76, DIN5122, JIS B7721/B7733, EN 1002-2, BS1610, GB T228
Max. Capacity10KN
Force Resolution1/10,000
Test strokeTest stroke 650 mm (without grip)
Stroke resolution0.001mm
Space between columns410 mm
Speed range0.25 ~ 1125 mm/min Free setting(Set up by computerized))
Speed precision0.25 ~ 1125 mm/min ± 3%
Data sampling rateFaster 100 Hz
Hardware safety protectionUp/down limit, emergency stop button
Motor typeServo Motor
Stiffness Slop1587 kgf/mm

※ Load cell includes memory lock to memorize various parameters. Plug and play.

※ With hand wheel to adjust machine of position.

※ Jog control, easy to operation
Power SupplySingle phase 200 ~ 240 VAC,5A
Dimension85 × 45 × 126 cm
Weight110 kg

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