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4-channel pulse data logger
Brand  : ONSET
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Analog 4 Channel Data logger UX120-006M

Key Feature

The HOBO 4-channel analog data logger has 16-bit resolution and can record 1.9 million metrics or events.
The four external channels accommodate a variety of sensors, as well as a temperature or split core AC current sensor, as well as a 4-20mA and voltage input cable (sold separately). If the sensor display goes above or below a user-specified specific value, you can easily set an alarm in the configuration using HOBPware.

Alternatively, Burt logging can also be set, where the logger enters data at different intervals under certain conditions.
The logger can also calculate minimum/maximum/average/standard deviation statistics. With a simple logger, you can monitor the current display on the built-in LCD screen, monitor logging status, monitor battery usage, and memory consumption between readings.

Ordering information for UX120 series models:
UX-120-006M: Analog 4-channel data logger
UX-120-014M: Thermocouple 4-channel data logger

Supported metrics:
Temperature, 4-20mA, current, AC voltage, wind speed, carbon dioxide, compressed air flow, DC current, DC voltage, pressure gauge, power, volatile organic chemicals

Main advantages:
-Double precision than previous model
-16 bit resolution
-Flexible support for a wide range of external sensors
-LCD shows real-time measurement data screen and logger operation.
-Minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation logging options.
-Alarm display on the screen when the sensor reading exceeds the set threshold
-High-capacity memory to store 1.9 million measured values ​​and alarms.


Product Details
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