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Measuring Division
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Early Wildfire Detection System
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Compact temperature logger system TR-51i

Introduction-Small waterproof type

Our compact, waterproof TR-5i series data loggers can measure and record temperatures in harsh environment freezing or freezing warehouses as well as in everyday outdoor conditions.

This product is equipped with warning monitoring function, adjustment function, and infrared communication function.
The recorded data can be collected from the TR-5i series logger through either a compatible communication port or data collection.

The compact design can be used almost anywhere without worrying about space.
In addition, the durable body with water and dust resistance is used even in harsh environments.

TR-51i: has an internal temperature sensor, provides excellent water resistance and moderate response time, and is suitable for use in transportation, transportation, containers and storage in harsh environments.

TR-52i: Ideal for use in locations that have an external temperature sensor and require versatile and quick response.

Main features

-Small waterproof type
-Wide measurement range: -40*c~80*c
-Large logging capacity: 16,000 signals
-Low energy consumption design: impressive 4 year battery life
-Record setting display
-Download data: infrared communication/optical communication
-Check data collected on the fly (data collector)
-Warning monitoring function
-Measurement adjustment


Product Details
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