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Measuring Division
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Time-of-use Logger
Brand  : ONSET
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Time-of-use(Hourly use) Logger UX90-006


The award-winning HOBO UX90 series is the industry's lowest priced and most comprehensive'time-of-use' data logger.
The new toolbox set includes an LCD display data logger to measure the on/off state of the motor, electronic pulses, state changes, utilization, and light usage patterns.

The HOBO UX90 data logger utilizes patent-pending technology to simplify energy Jiangsu, and can be applied stably and reliably in the field.

The bundled HOBOware software also reduces execution time. The time-saving feature allows the HOBO UX90 user to easily read the batch configuration and hundreds of data in a short time.
In addition, the software features the Bulk Export Tool, which allows users to export data files in text format for use in spreadsheets and other programs.

Supported measurements:
Status, pulse, event, operating time, light on/off, motor on/off, utilization/light usage pattern

Key advantages:
-LCD display time on or% on, providing instant feedback
-Automatic maintenance & signal strength indicator ensure proper execution
-84k or 346k measurement capacity extends execution time, reducing on-site visits
-Stable mounting with magnet of earth, 3M command strip, mounting tab
-Flexible logger start and stop options
-HBOware Pro's time-saving feature makes it easy to set hundreds of loggers


Product Details
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