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Infrared communication data collector
Brand  : T&D
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Infrared communication type data collector TR-57DCi


TR-57DCi is a data collector designed to collect data recorded by data loggers (T&D thermal recorders and voltage recorders).
It can be used to collect and verify recorded data on the spot without the need for manual collection.
Example: Recording settings such as "Shooting interval" and "Start recording" can be done directly in the logger.
Compatible devices for use with the TR-57DCi are the TR-5l series (infrared communication type), TR-5, TR-7Ui/7U/7S series and VR-71 data logger.

Main features

-Easy data collection in the field: no computer required
-Large storage capacity: up to 256,000 readings
-Collect recorded data through infrared communication
-Graph display on high quality LCD
-Convenient operation dial for various tasks
-Easy recording settings
-Battery life warning sign
-Battery life approximately 100 days when used for an hour every day
-Auto power off function: Auto power off when not in use for about 3 minutes
-LCD backlight display
-Firmware update function

Communication between TR-57DCi and compatible data logger

The communication method depends on the type of data recording device.

-Infrared communication:
By arranging the TR-57DCi data collector and the infrared port of the TR-7Ui series, the TR-l series data logger is face-to-face. It can download the recorded data through infrared communication.
*Infrared communication cannot be used to create recording settings or send a'start recording' command.

-Optical communication:
By using the TR-57DCi main body data collector optical communication interface, recording is set up to collect the recording data from the RTR-5 series data logger, and recording starts in the TR-5S series (infrared communication type) TR-5S/5 series.

-Cable communication:
By connecting the cable to the serial communication cable terminal of the data collector as shown in the figure below, you can collect data and configure the TR-7Ui/7U/7S series and VR-71 data logger.
*The device for LCD display of the same device cannot be set through a new cable such as switching. There are several items about VR-71.


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